Our Lofra Range Features and Benefits:

Available on the Professional series, the Ceramic Grill is the ultimate grilling system, just like having a ceramic cooktop placed in the roof of your oven. A glass surface makes cleaning so easy. The element system is much more responsive than traditional grilling elements, so you can obtain the best grilling results each time.
Lofra’s unique non porous enamel coating inside their ovens makes cleaning easier. Food wipes easily off the glass like, high quality enamel surface.


When you’re busy making your magic in the kitchen, that’s when accidents can happen. Reduce this risk by having a professional shelving system on your oven: our Professional and Curva series ovens feature the Telescopic Safety Shelf System, which allows dishes to slide forward and back with ease and importantly has the strength to hold the heaviest roast.


All Lofra electrical cookers are rated “A” for energy efficiency confirming the optimum ratio between consumption and performance. This ‘Class A’ rating defines Lofra as a product taking care of our environment.


Lofra ovens are built using the latest technology and are designed to maintain a cool oven perimeter. This feature allows you to install the oven with zero gaps on each side.
Lofra ovens are designed to provide increased capacity to accommodate the largest dishes.


It is possible to preset the oven to switch on & off thanks to an easy to use 24hr programmable timer.
A beautifully engineered door system that showcases a full inner glass door. This is not only aesthetically pleasing, but more importantly, allows for easy cleaning compared to standard door systems, which have small glass areas and larger enamel frames. The Triple Glazed oven door feature keeps the heat in, cooking your food perfectly and limiting the amount of heat escaping through the oven door, saving you time, money and keeping your family safe.

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